Bay Sail     


Hi - This will be a sort of compilation of a couple of sails I took my parents on, but I was too busy to actually get a good story in, so I thought I would just share little snippets of my days...

 Here I am ready to go for my sail.  I almost left the dock without my parents.  But I kinda did need them to leave.  You know, docking (leaving and coming back into the slip) is one of the hardest parts of sailing.


Sometimes I love the comfort of standing in my little sun room.  I also often contemplate here about whether or not I want to go down below or not.


Dad was being the hero and single handing Pacifica out of the marina.  See, it looks like he's singing, just imagine him belting out a good ole sailor song!!!!


This is the Berkeley Yacht Club.


Mom and I up by the mast...


Ever since Catalina, I'm still looking for those dolphins... or sticks, or whatever happens to be floating by.


This is a tanker we passed.  He was turning and getting ready to head out to sea...I wonder where he was going.  If you look closely, you can see the man on the bow waving to me!!!!


Just 3 sailing buddies, hanging out...


Here, I'm having a moment with my buddy John.


Trying to get some rest, believe it or not the wind and sun take the energy out of me too! Not to mention trying to stay on all 4 feet without any hands.


Look closely and you can see that we are outside the Gate.


Mom and me on the porch.


Those darn spokes - I just don't understand why they keep moving.  Sometimes I get caught halfway and everyone laughs at me...


Racing sailboats off in the distance.  This is much more organized than my dad's kind of "race with the closest sailboat going in the same direction" (don't tell him I said that, hehe)


Yes, me resting again.  But this wheel isn't a very good pillow.  That mom and dad of mine keep turning it, Geesh!!!!!