Meet Cali      

I have a new adopted doggie aunt (no blood relation).  It sounds weird when you think of it that way since she is only 4 months old.  But my human grandparents on my mom's side adopted a doggie from the Santa Rosa Shelter.  She is really sweet and alot of fun to wrestle with.  And I'm not just saying that because I'm bigger and older and can beat her - she's really cool.  Anyway, She'll be bigger than me in no time.

  Introducing Cali!!!!!!   She was picked up in a Safeway parking lot by animal control.  See she is smart, at only 4 months she knew how to find the best place to hunt - the grocery store.  Mom and dad are ALWAYS successful when they go hunting in the grocery store.

 Here I am checking her out.  This is outside the pet Store after we played at Pt Isabel.  It was my first time meeting her and her first time ever at the dog park.  She did really well, but sometimes she would stand underneath me while playing with the other doggies.  I just let her - she still has her puppy license (meaning us older dogs let puppies get away with alot because they are so young) and I know she needs to gain confidence to play with the big dogs.

    Mom had us pose together but we kept playing with her and looking away.  Unfortunately some really smart lady came up behind mom and jingled her keys.  Cali and I's heads snapped to the jingling noise and mom got her picture, awww, shucks -- I like to play with mom sometimes....

Well, next week we are going camping for 4 days with Cali, I'm sure we'll have lots of stories...