Camping Cloverdale    


We went here to meet up again with mom's parents because they were still close enough for a visit and the Russian River sounded like a fun place to visit.  Here are pictures of both of them:


When I got there Grandma Hayes found me the biggest pinecone when she learned how much I love pinecones.  WOOHOO!!!!

I was a happy doggie.

In the campground there was access to the river with an Island that I could swim to with mom and dad (I was sure to sent dad in to check out the current for me).  We had a great time swimming back and forth - but I made sure to stay upstream of them so they could catch me before I floated away, hehe.

We also did a little walking around the campground, but mostly we hung out with my grandparents and adopted uncle Max.  Here are some pictures of our adventures:

I really wanted to chase these birds...

This is the chuck wagon that we would order food from - Was that 3 orders of pancakes?

I had fun in the playground jumping through the tires...

swinging with mom...

and watching a game of horseshoes.

I had fun retrieving sticks in the Russian River.

Here's another of me way out.

Max on the beach

a picture of both of us.

Finally, a picture of me next to our tent.  We had a good time, hopefully we can go back again one day.