Drake's Bay Sept 2004    


  This is the view we had last weekend while heading to Horseshoe Cove on Friday night.  It was Labor Day Weekend - My mom says it's when all humans who have to work get a 3 day weekend to relax.  I guess for me every day is Labor Day since I relax all the time.

Anyway, we were going to go to a place called Drake's Bay which my parents' love.  My human friends John and Scott were going to come up with us on Scott's boat - this is called Buddy Boating. 

   Isn't this a pretty view of Alcatraz?  Again, it was a warm night.  But it was on the borderline of my comfort level so I was sure to find human laps to sit on. I like to feel the breeze through my fur so I didn't want to go below to my safe spots.

Speaking of safe spots, you are probably wondering what I'm talking about.  Take a look here:

  Here I am snuggled in my cave - or the aft cabin.  I'm being silly and sticking my tongue out at my mom.  But we were already at anchor and I was eating on my pig ear ( mom always puts a special surprise for me here (I think it distracts me - I'm so easily distracted) in case I feel scared.

  This is another one of my safe spots.  I know I have more than one, but as my parents' friend Jeanie says - a girl's gotta have choices, right?

I also hear mom and dad talking about creating another for me with something called a lee cloth.

Anyway, on to the adventure.  we got into Horshoe Cove just before sunset and our friends John and Scott met us shortly after (even though they left about an hour and a half before us).  But I guess that's about right since our boat is about twice as long as Scott's.

I quickly assumed my role as anchor watch and protected my crew:

Now, I don't want you to think that I just sit back and let the humans plan the trip....No Sireeee!  Now that I have a few ocean miles under my collar, I want in on the planning, and I was sure to attend the skipper's meeting befor turning into bed.

So after a good night's sleep, we woke early and headed out with the fishing fleet.  Here is a picture of some of the boats out there and the very calm conditions ( but not as flat as last weekend).

Pretty soon, we caught our first salmon that we could keep, and everyone aboard was happy as were Scott and John, cause it meant we would be having fish for dinner (or they would be having fish for dinner - I just get a taste).

But here I am checking him out.  He smells really good, but not like what I would expect mom and dad would want to eat.

So, all this fishing, got me to thinking that I better get to learning about this stuff, so I went below for some time to spend with my studies.

Eventually we did get into Drake's Bay.  The wind was really blowing, dad put in a couple of reefs ( that means to make the main smaller so we don't tilt as much and mom and I are happier).  Well, what we saw there was kinda scary.  There was a very nice boat - a J35 and it looked like it was on the beach.

  Here is Scott and John - the first on the scene making a heroic effort to put the boat off by them selves. (they are 10 feet smaller that the beached boat).

  Here we have joined in and soon were followed by a boat bigger than ours.  But with all of us pulling with all of our might, we couldn't budge them.  Mom sent me down below through all this so that I could be safe.  I didn't understand this till while we were all pulling we suddenly heard a really loud BANG!!!!!  It was Scott's cleat being ripped out of his boat - he's really lucky it didn't break his boat.  Then I understood how dangerous it could have been for me to be just wandering around up top.

  Just about the time we heard the BANG, the coast guard showed up.  So we all untied and left the situation to the professionals.   Unfortunately neither the coast guard or the two salvage boats could help them any better than us, so in the morning, this is what we saw:

  All the humans would get really quiet when they would look over at this boat.  I'm sure they were hoping like I was that this never happened to Pacifica or Scott's boat.  Mom told me that this is a sight that no sailor likes to see.

We were really sad and in need for some cheering up, so we got our dinghy's ready.  Here is a pic dad took...

  Pacifica is the boat on the left.

Then we went to shore.... YIPEEE!!!!!

   I ran...


   And ran....


   And ran.


When we got back to the boat, John, Scott, and dad went swimming...

Then we heading in to shore for a hike.

    Of course, if you notice, I am not hiking.... yep, you guessed it -- No Dogs!!  So mom and I stayed behind and explored the parking lot area.

    I took some time to learn about the history of shipwrecks at Drake's Bay.

    When we got back to the boat, we started to get ready for dinner.  we threw out some crab traps and we able to catch some crab for appetizers - though I didnt get to try it, the humans seemed pretty happy about it.

    This starfish broke into our trap and released all of the bait. The humans thought it was pretty funny, but really I didn't get it and I was kinda ready to hit the sack.

  It was so nice taking a nice nap on deck as the sun set...

There was very little wind so we motored most of the way home - and fished some at Duxberry Reef.  But unfortunately all we caught were little guys that we had to throw back.

Finally we rounded Pt Bonita, raised the sails and got to sail home in a nice breeze.