Friends and Family on the Bay      

So, today I'm going to try to do a sniff-journal for you. 

Most sailing trips start off with a trip to the pump out station.  For the humans, this isn't a lot of fun, but for the doggies out there, this can be a scent overload - for this is where my mom and dad hook this big hose to our toilet tank - they are really careful, but if it were up to me, I'd be checking out everything. Sometimes they let me off the boat and I love to run around this dock - it's so interesting.  This is also where the houseboats are in our marina.

See, the humans try to pretend nothing special is going on, but I know different...

Now this is a more refreshing scent - the cool breeze, unobstructed (except for Robert raising our sail - hey, what's that on your hands, could it be the dessert you brought for all of us?) And do I smell a hike on you - what park were you in?

Now shoes have the most amazing scents.  Up by the top - you can get a good understanding of the person, it really tells you a lot (maybe more humans should try that) - really good if you can get your nose inside.  And the underneaths.... i love seeing where others have been and who they've seen.

Now about here, we were snacking like crazy.  Carrots with Mango Salsa, Rice cracker munchies, I think even some nuts -- lots for me to do.....  And with this North wind, there's lots of smells coming in from the Delta.

Finally back at the slip...  this is where the yummy food comes out, lots of cheeses, desserts from Robert, and steamed pork buns ~~ While the humans sipped on wine, tea and beer.