2008...  Pacifica becomes AUSTRALIAN!!!!!!


This is Simon, he's Pacifica's new owner and this is a happy day for him (bittersweet for us).  This was taken during his test sail.  We couldn't be happier about the sale. Since Simon is Australian and returning home, Pacifica will be leaving the Bay area within 90 days for points South on her own bottom.  She'll visit Mexico again, then the South Pacific and on to Australia.  She'll also have a new name - GOODONYA and I hear she's also going to get a paint job, that'll be nice to see!!!!


Now for a nice story about how Simon and Pacifica found each other (I don't want to call her GOODONYA until after her renaming ceremony ;-) ).  Simon in doing his research in cruising Mexico and beyond stumbled on our website while we were still in Mexico.  He enjoyed our ramblings so he turned his dad onto the site.  Then one day his dad noticed Pacifica was for sale and called up his son to share the news.  Fast forward a couple of months and we're all sitting in the yacht club having a beer to celebrate.


We wish both of them the best and if any of our friends out there see a familiar looking boat named GOODONYA - stop by to say hello, you'll be glad you did, Simon's a great guy!!!!