Passage Stats   

Hawaii to Berkeley:


Vessel Name : Pacifica (Ericson 39B)

Departure Point & Date:  Hanalei Bay, Kauai, Hawaii, 7-2-07, 12pm Pacific Time

Landfall Point & Date:  Berkeley, CA, 7-19-07, 5pm Pacific Time

Days in Passage & Total Miles: 17 days, 5 hours / 2423 miles

Engine Hours Used : 26 hours

Average Speed for Passage: 5.8 kts

Best & Worst 24 Hour Run in Miles: Best 159, Worst 118

Highest Wind & Waves Encountered: Wind 30 kts, Waves 12 feet

Number of Fish Caught: 1 Albacore

Hardware "Issues": some windvane steering lines chaffed through, pin sheered on boom vang shackle

Most Valued Crew Members: SAL - our Sailomat windvane and Cecil the staysail

Day Crossed Halfway Point: Day 9

Most Valued Entertainment Equipment: HAM/SSB, Ipod, Books

Sails used during passage:  Main (full and all 3 reef points), Genoa (various rolled up positions, the Staysail, the symmetrical spinnaker, the asymetrical spinnaker.  In other words EVERY SINGLE sail we have aboard at some point was needed during the passage.


Well, That's it for our Mexico Hawaii adventure, it's on to Bay area and Coastal adventures from here on out till we leave for a longer trip to include Central America and the South Pacific.

We sure do appreciate all of you who followed along our trip with us.  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

We are now diligently trying to find employment again and Matey is happily enjoying her play group friends as I usually meet Miriam out at the park daily so that she can have her romp.  Matey has also happily picked up every land based habit that we hoped she would break, but oh well...It's nice to see her adjust so quickly.

Here are some videos of our life aboard:

   Greg checking into the Seafarer's net.  You can see our spreadsheet in front of him with our details of position, course, weather, barometer - all the specifics we would report every evening.

   A darkish video of Matey saying her piece....

   SAL doing his thing.

   So this needs a little explanation.  After so many days at sea you start to find little games to play and ways to entertain yourself and have fun.  Some of the games we would play is "surfing" where you would try to stand either in the cockpit or down below and try to keep from moving your feet as you sway your body around with the motion of the boat (this was Greg's favorite).  I am demonstrating another game, walking from the front to the back of the boat as the boat is rocking while not touching anything with any part of your body (yes, no body slamming the mast either!!!).  For land based folks, this may sound weird, but I'm certain for those of you passage making folks out there, you know what I mean and I'm sure you have your own games.