Manzanillo to Zihautanejo     



Finally here we are - the furthest South our trip will take us (Latitude 17 degrees, 38 minutes North). And we are almost to our halfway point of our adventure. We can't really feel melancholy about it since we still have 6 months of exploring. In fact we are currently feeling very excited about exploring Zihau. This seems like a fun town to explore - a little bit small, but then walk a few blocks and you get to a HUGE mercado and even a real grocery store.

So, we had one question from our last post that I'd like to clarify. In Las Hadas, I mentioned that the marina was all med moor - this means you tie your boat perpendicular to the dock, stern (rear) to. This is the typical way of "parking" your boat at harbors in the Mediterranean. Most more modern boats have very cool swim steps and openings to walk through the transom. Unfortunately Pacifica is about 30 years old and therefore doesn't have the fancy shmancy transom - so for us, a med moor would be so much trouble.

   Marina at Las Hadas.  The boats are all tied to the docks with their Stern toward them.  The dinghy dock is all the way to the right of the photo in the center of the marina.

If any of you have questions about my trip reports, please let me know. One of my weaknesses is I tend to assume everyone knows what I'm talking about when it comes to cruising terms. And there are a lot of people who receive this email who have no sailing/cruising experience.

Since you last heard from us we explored Manzanillo, did lots of swimming off the boat in Las Hadas (the water was 83 degrees). I know all of you out there getting snow don't really want to hear this, but it's really hot here - especially when the wind isn't blowing (which is what is really nice about being at anchor, the marina is usually stuffy HOT). Anyway at night we don't sleep with covers except maybe in the wee early hours of the morning just before the sun comes out. We are usually just enjoying the cool breezes that come in with the wind scoop.

  Manzanillo Sailfish


  Who you pointin at????????

   End of a downtown Manzanillo street.


We had to check out of Las Hadas before we left, so our departure was delayed until Monday at around 10 (we also wanted to get a little more fuel). We could have just left and told the next port captain that the previous one wasn't in the office when we wanted to leave, but we did that when leaving La Cruz and thought it would be bad form to have that excuse for the last 2 ports. That made it a little inconvenient in that we couldn't go straight to Zihau and have a daylight arrival. Most of the anchorages according to the guide book are kinda marginal between Manzanillo and Zihau, so most cruisers go straight through. On our return going back to Manzanillo, we will probably harbor hop because we want to see the anchorages we missed. We ended up stopping at Caleta de Campos for a couple of hours after a fabulous overnight sail - we had great wind almost the whole way. We arrived around 11am and after sharing a couple of drinks with s/v Suzanne 2 we departed at 7pm for an over night trip.

   Rockin along to Caleta de Campos

  Hitchiker on the way out of Manzanillo - Matey was great, I don't think she even noticed and we didn't point it out to her ;-)

  Sunrise photo just outside of Zihautanejo Bay

We had a beautiful flat motor to Zihau (if you have to have the motor on, it's nice if it's at least flat) arriving into the Bay just as the morning net came on. We sniffed out a great anchor spot just off of Playa Madera in about 20 feet of water.

   Playa Madera, Zihau Bay

   Flamenco musicians

   the lagoon

   Rinsing our feet so we don't have to walk around with sandy feet all day long.

   Iguana we saw on a walk up in the hills around the Bay

   Rooster on guard, they are everywhere... It's the true sound of Mexico...

   Matey and I looking over the bridge

   Modified bug

   Sunday in the Town Square

   Kids on a dancing game - they were great!

We registered for Sailfest and the schedule looks like it will be 5 days of lots of fun starting next Wednesday. We alsojoined the yacht club they have at Rick's so that we can get internet access from the boat and have free showers. Don't worry, we have no intention of trading in our BYC membership :-)

   School tour for Sailfest

   Kids having fun.  They absolutely LOVED seeing the result of their antics on my little camera screen.  The two little girls in the center even came up to me later to ask that a picture of only them were taken.

   Mexican dog.  He held on to this cookie for at least 5 minutes before finally taking the chance to eat it.

   Mercado - we still aren't used to seeing the meat just hanging there - again, I could even walk past the meat with Matey next to me ...


And we also entered Pacifica in the sail parade where we will be taking 4 guests aboard for a sail to Ixtapa and back. That should be fun and the money that the guests pay gets donated to the kids for Sailfest. This is a great way for cruisers like us on a budget to still donate money to Sailfest (It'll make $200 for them).

   Zihautanejo Bay

Melissa, Greg, and Matey