La Cruz ...still..not for long   

We just finished cleaning out the fridge and stowing all of our perishables for the crossing to Hawaii.  We are planning on leaving on Monday.  We're all three in good spirits and looking forward to it.  Greg and I because we'd like to be out there and moving again, Matey because she knows we have a large supply of raw bones that she has to eat before they go bad (limited room in the freezer).

I never would have guessed the amount of joy I would have over buying bones for her at the carneceria.  I never fail to get smiles as I ask for bones for my doggie.  They seem to totally understand that.  Today we needed to stock up again and I got a HUGE bag of beef marrow bones for only 10 pesos, that's a little under a dollar.  When I left I told them (in Spanish) I was going to have a happy dog and got a number of smiles and laughs from the crowded shop.  I think they we laughing at the cuteness of a doggie getting a bone and the sheer joy it brings them, of course they could have been laughing at my Spanish.

Lately our days have been filled with radio sessions and with some meals with Greg's dad and Carol thrown in.  Len has been recovering from a pretty bad infection so he hasn't been up to much active touristy stuff.  He's doing better after a number of visits to the doctor for various antibiotic shots.

Matey had one instance of 'acting out' when we left her alone for a longish while.  She got into our basket of unrefrigerated stuff (onions, potatoes, garlic, eggs) and made herself a little snack.  I think she ate about 4 eggs and tried some garlic.  Fortunately she's a very neat dog so she was sure to lick all the egg out of the shells she opened and was also careful to not crack the 6 eggs she decided she didn't want (she just left them strewn in her back room).  No wonder she snuggled with us all night - she was probably wondering what took us so long to clean up her room.

She's also enjoying the romping here - there is a great place for her to run her little heart out near the fishing pier.  It's funny to see her zooming around.

We've been really into the music here, in fact we've found a favorite local band (Tatewari) that we've been seeing a lot of. In fact later this evening we will be going to the lead singer's home to copy some of her CDs (on our computer).  It's so funny to be in such a small town.  It's also been interesting as we noticed yesterday that we've become familiar faces to many locals - when we walk around town, frequently the town folks recognize us and wave.

Tomorrow is the big day, at about 9:30 we'll be pulling up anchor only to take it off the bow to be stowed away for the 3000 mile journey to Hawaii.  We should be out for somewhere in the 3-4 week timeframe.  I'm feeling a little nervous, no real reason except it's something I've never done before.  But we feel good about it, we and the boat are ready.  Today we are spending the afternoon at Len and Carol's hotel enjoying being on land.  Matey is resting and taking in her fill of landsy smells. 

Oh, Today is Easter and the entire week before has been a holiday known as Semana Santos which had the town square hoppin' every night (this also happens to be directly across from Len and Carol's hotel).  There were fair rides and music most nights and days.  It culminated with last night the burning of Judas.  Of course the next couple of weeks will be wind down festivities so the parties will continue.  Anyway, Greg and I enjoyed the scene - even took a ride on the Wheel of Death (the ferris wheel).

  One of the games at Semana Santos.  On the prize table there are cigarettes that people can win.

   The operator of the wheel of Death.  It seemed to spin at super fast speed and of course the bolts holding the thing together were showing signs of rust.  

  The Wheel of Death.  Sorry the picture is so dark, but I wanted to show how in the left hand side of the photo the power lines are tied off to the side to make room for the ride.  It didn't go as fast as it looked from below but we think that is because we were the only adults to ride it.  Maybe Greg should have gotten on one side and me on the other.

   Here are the bumper cars looking down from Len and Carol's Inn.

  This has to be the coolest trampoline set-up.  It's double decker and has a bouncy slide.


Photos around La Cruz and PV:

   How's this for a small town, no address, just ask around - though we have no idea where this place is.

  What La Cruz was named for, the Cross made out of a Huanacaxtle tree.

  When tying up to a fixed pier, always leave enough room in your dinghy line to allow for the lowering of the tide.  Matey's Ride found herself is quite the predicament one day when we went into town for some shopping.

  Believe it or not, this is the bus stop (just the end of the on ramp to the main highway) when switching from the Nuevo Vallarta Bus to the La Cruz bus.  Kinda freaky standing on the side of the road waiting to flag down the bus.

  Matey enjoying her shoes - she cut her pad so we had her wear her shoes.  Everyone was laughing at the dog with shoes.  It was funny (embarrassing) to hear the fishermen calling to their friends to look at her shoes.  After a couple of days of this, we had her just wear one shoe - that got less laughter.

  Matey enjoying the internet cafe while we did some printing.

  Doing our taxes at Philo's Bar

  We had a fabulous dinner in PV.  This huge fish which is a Dorado was only 99 pesos.  And they included soup, desert and tequila shots (notice the bottle of Tequila on the table).

   Anna Banana's Cruiser Wall.  Pacifica is toward the lower right of the Photo.

   Church in PV

  The lovely Blue Agave growing at the tequila factory we stopped by to tour. 

  That's tequila in that there white jug.

   The La Cruz Inn server room in an open air patio.

  Pangas on the fishing pier.

  This bardge came way too close to us.  They decided to thread through the anchorage when it was peak afternoon winds. We weren't aboard but out neighbors on Pincoya took this photo for us.  A panga had to push our boat out of the way - and we have the gouge to prove it.  Luckily it was only cosmetic.

   Greg and I in Bucerias

  The restaurant had parrots we could hold.  This photo of one of them is courtesy of Carol.

  Pelican housing in La Cruz.

  This is us getting our Zarpa to leave the country.  It's suitable for framing.  We were shocked to get a certificate for cruising Mexico.  The port captian looks very serious but really he was constantly humming a cute little song.

   All ready to go - Greg has his cruising doo...

  Len and Carol at Philo's


Local Music:


   Bus musician.  Sorry this is so short, but he was looking at me as were other people on the bus and I got self conscious - so it was a very long 3 seconds for me.  But I think you can get the idea.


   Video of Tatewari - our favorite local band.


   Another video of the Tatewari performance


   Philo and his band at Philo's



Well - We're off - so the next time the page is updated, we'll be Hawaii.  As for those of you on my email list, we'll be sending updates during the crossing so you'll hear from us soon...


Greg, Melissa and Matey  !!!!!