Matey: Mexico to Hawaii   


Hi - I bet you want to know what it was like for me doing the crossing since I didn't actually have a choice in the matter.  At first I thought we were just going for another daysail so all was good, then after a couple of days of the sailing thing I thought maybe we were on one of our passages - they usually last about 3 days or so - so I kept coming out to sniff the wind to see if I could smell land yet, but nope!!!

After about a week, I settled into my fate and slept a lot.  Kinda weird since usually I'm such an active girl, but just walking around and doing normal things like eating and drinking are physical activities for a little doggie.  Mom and dad have hands to hold on with, but I have to use my muscles to stay upright - like serious yoga for doggies.  I learned new tricks like eating and drinking while swaying and stumbling on a rolling boat.  My agility workout was fine tuned since I had to master going up and down our companionway stairs in a rolling boat.  This is  hard enough for most dogs when the ladder is steady, but I had to go up and down 5 steps as if someone were also moving the ladder on me.  Really I just learned to time when the sea was mostly steady and run down (or up) real fast.  Sometimes I got stuck and mom or dad would say, 'Go now, go!" and I'd run real quick.  I also got really good with the 'cockpit' command - like when mom and dad went up to the bow to deal with the spinnaker and either forgot to tell me to stay (or I decided not to stay), they could tell me to go back - I didn't really enjoy that one, but I know they always look out for me so I listen when the 'vibe' feels more intense.

At night I learned to tell mom or dad that I wanted to go out to take care of business, so that they could hold a light for me.  Sometimes at night it's real dark and when the sea is rolly - I'd rather have someone watch me.  I also makes sure they give me my payment for going (jerky strip for #1 and chicken strip for #2).  I'm really glad mom and dad brought enough of my favorite treats from home to last the entire trip.

I learned to detect when anyone touched the fishing pole (not just the reel), fishing lure box or towing generator.  I could even detect this while sleeping - which made for some wild frantic sprints into the cockpit from my room.

I also learned to sleep while bracing myself against the side of the boat.  I would keep one paw stretched out in front of me so that I didn't bump my nose.  I also learned to sleep in the small cubby on the floor - less rolling down low, you know...

I would usually wear my shoes most of the day with mom or dad taking them off in the evening after my potty time - then I could lick my paws and they could be shoe free over the night when I was less prone to be running around.  

So I think I got really into my groove after the first week - then mom and dad noticed that I settled into routines such as first thing in the morning (before breakfast) I would scour the cockpit looking for any flying fish or squid that have landed on the deck.  Mom wouldn't let me eat the flying fish cause they're so spiny, but I made sure she saw them so she could throw them overboard.  Some were as big as about 18 inches and our smallest was about 3/4 of an inch. The squid were fair game.

Things continued pretty much as usual in my little Waterworld until on the last day mom and dad kept looking at me and asking questions between them selves.  I heard things like, "I don't think she even notices".  They pointed out this big red thing (maybe a buoy?), but I couldn't care less.  Then as we motorsailed into the Bay and mom and dad were tying lines to the boat - I started to get a familiar feeling (we haven't been to a marina since December).  But when we entered the marina and I saw all the other boats tied to docks -- then I knew something was up.  I didn't freak out as they expected, I guess I was happier with my waterworld that my parent's thought.  I was supposed to be confined to the boat until the doggy police came for me the next day, but Dad did sneak me off for my first land business since everything seemed so low key.  

I think it was still a couple of days before it all came back to me.  But now after a few beach runs under my collar - I've forgotten all about Waterworld.  Mom scoped out the good off leash places with a couple of other dog owners.  No matter how they try to contain me -- I am dog and I will run!!!!

Here are some pictures of some of the adventures we've been having so far:

   My very first play session and chance to run on land.  Mom and dad just picked me up from the airport and stopped at the first open field they saw.  Gosh it felt good!!!!!

  Kaneohe Bay looking over the YC - you can kinda see masts at the bottom of the picture

  7-eleven in paradise...

  Beautiful beach shot on a drive around the island - gotta take time for play!!!!

  Had shrimp scampi and a garlic hot dog at Giovannis -- YUMMY!!!!

   Stopped to pose by this huge guy

  A snorkeling lagoon type place on the North Shore - we are going to return here...

  Lanikai beach 

  At the Pali Lookout.  It was super windy and I was a favorite side attraction with the Japanese tourbus - they loved my 'high five', I had a group standing around me watching me perform, till mom saved me and ended the show.

  We took a hike up to the Manoa Falls and don't tell because I wasn't supposed to be off leash, but I got to swim in my very own little pond at the base of a waterfall!!!!!

  Dad at Manoa Falls

   Part of the hike brought us through a Bamboo forest -- very cool.

   Mom and I on the hike - amazing trees and constant bird sounds (luckily I don't care much about birds anymore)

   Part of the trail - it wasn't all like this, most was climbing over wet slimy (kinda slippery) rocks with some mud thrown in. 

   Yesterday at the beach in Kailua.  This is a great beach just a short drive away from the YC that allows dogs on leash - but most have those invisible leashes that we love so much!!!!  The bad part is it has showers so mom and dad can squirt me down when it's over.

   Dad going off to play in the surf.  Notice the dark clouds - that's a squall about to come through.  They are frequent here, but so far have been very quick and not really that big of a deal.  We did leave the beach for this one because it was very windy - mom got tired of being pelted by the sand, so we went under a tree just off the beach to wait it out.