Catalina - Dana Point     

Last time we left off we were heading back to Catalina after Newport.  Whew it seems like ages ago....

  This is Two Harbors on Buccaneer Days.  Just so that you know, Little Fisherman's Cove is on the opposite side about Half way down the land.

Our main objective when returning to Catalina was to try out our lobster trap.  After a night of setting it out and taking turns every hour checking the empty trap, I had opted for sleep while of course still REALLY wanting a lobster.  Luckily Greg was up for taking over all the middle of the night checking and only waking me if/when we caught something.  On our second night trying, around 3 am in the morning, I hear Greg banging his foot on the deck (which is right above my head).  After springing up from a deep sleep to this loud racket (I'm sure glad Pacifica has a lot of head room up forward), I realize it must be a lobster.  I fumbled my way on deck grabbing the measuring tool and gloves and stumbled to the bow where the Greg was with our catch.  Sure enough we were indeed lobster fishermen!!!!

   Our first lobster -- it was so dark that night.  

  This was a HUGE lobster someone else caught.  This is also when we got to see a demonstration on how to clean them.

The next night we had a fabulous dinner of baked lobster (in garlic and butter), Lori's Pasta (Lori is in the Berkeley YC and introduced me to Pasta tossed with olive oil, garlic and cayenne which is now a Pacifica favorite) and salad.  YUM YUM!!!!!

We followed this catch along with 2 more lobsters a couple of nights later while we were anchored at Hamilton Beach near Avalon.  The night that we caught the 2 lobster was the finale of a fabulous fishing day.  We still have fish in our freezer from our catch from just right at anchor.  Greg is becoming quite the fisherman (though I do throw the hook in every once and a while).  I usually do all the filleting (it's that Louisiana girl coming out in me, guess I learned something from all those warm nights watching my dad fillet our fish at home when I was a little girl - THANKS, DAD!)

So, we've been eating well.   We've also been highly entertained over the past couple of weeks out at Catalina.  In between all the fishing, we've spent the weekends at Two Harbors at their festivities.  First there was Buccaneer Days.   Which was an amazing sight.  We picked up a mooring because we heard from our friend that it can get pretty crazy in the anchorage.  It was a great idea because my favorite part was actually being on the boat and watching all the people dressed in costume ride around in their dinghy yelling 'ARRRGH!!!!!" at everyone.  Matey HATED it - all of it.   The boats had these fake cannon blasts that were going off throughout the anchorage all weekend.  She spent most of the weekend in her Zen Den.  We would bring her to shore to play in the mornings early so she would get a little romping time, but it did break our hearts to see her scared.  She's over it now mostly, though the next weekend at Two Harbors still had her a little spooked.

   Matey running pirate.

   Greg and Melissa Pirate

  I'm sorry (for us) to say that we were able to enter the bar, get a 'weekend pass bracelet' to drink all we want and we didn't have a single id on us to prove our age.   HO HUM...

So Buccaneer days was basically LOTS of people dressed in costume drinking all day long.  We are glad we got to see it but probably won't go back since it's not really our kinda thing.

  The Patricia Belle - This boat will also be going on the Ha Ha.

    Pirate Dinghy      Pirate ship - kinda

  Pacifica Pirate

    Pirate ship

   Crazy Dinghy dock.  Later in the evening boats were at least 3-4 deep to get to the dock.

  Pirates    Cell phone pirate Pirate Band       Lusty Pirates    Smug Pirate     Wench with turkey leg and beer

    Aging pirates    Dinghy Pirates    Sailboat with cannons on the side

  Greg was the star, These girls asked to take their picture with the 'Pizza Pirate'

The following weekend at Two Harbors was Cruisers Weekend and that was a lot of fun.  I'm sure the sponsors wish more people came - a lot I'm sure were discouraged by the chance of thundershowers over the weekend.  Since we were already there, it didn't matter a bit to us.  They had a day of great seminars and the evening was spent at a BBQ with Eric Stone Band playing for all of us.  We met 2 other HaHa boats that we hung out with for the festivities.

  Pacifica at Little Fisherman's Cove

The Monday after Cruisers Weekend we were so ready to get outta dodge and get on with our trip.  So after a tip from Peggy and Enrique on the nice facilities at Dana Point YC, we made a reservation for our 3 free nights and headed here.  This is where we are now.  We've had dinner at the club the past 2 nights - Grill your own burgers on Monday (kinda like Friday nights at BYC, only less people) and Taco Tuesday.

  Matey waiting for a fish to bite the line (we are waiting also, but a little less obvious)

    Our wacky docking at Dana Point YC.

We plan to head out late tonight and go straight to San Diego planning to get in tomorrow morning.  We'll probably anchor unless we get lucky and get a space at the police dock - we'll see...