Dana Point - San Diego     


We had a nice relaxing time at Dana Point - a great return to civilization after being anchored out at Catalina for most of 3 weeks.  We really felt like we were now on our way South and to new waters.

   Cool Sailing rig on a boat out of Dana Point

  Statue in Honor of Richard Dana - author of Two Years Before the Mast and the person Dana Point was named for

Our original plan was to sail straight to San Diego from Dana Point, but on the evening we were to leave (planned time was 10pm), the wind just tempted us with a FABULOUS breeze.  We were so itching to go, we could barely contain ourselves.  But hey, that's what cruising is all about, going with the weather and changing plans (or not really having set ones anyway).  But since San Diego had that little rule of checking in between 8-5, it put a kink in the free-spirit of cruising.  Not to worry, we're resilient -- we had been in contact over the past couple of years with another Ericson 39B owner in Mission Bay (which happens to be on the way to San Diego).   Greg contacted Lew (the owner) and found out there is a great anchorage just 5 min from his boat.  PERFECT!!!!  I'm all for not having to do an overnight, especially when the wind is great.  So off we went.

  Sailing Toast - this is to everyone back at home - we do think about you often!!!!

The first couple of hours of the trip was a dream.  Beautiful sunset, great wind from just aft of beam., and warm.  Ahh, gotta love this Southern California sailing.  But, it didn't last and the last few hours were spent motoring.  But we had wonderful stars and even a few dolphins came to visit - which Matey spotted for us.

The following day, Lew brought Serendipity (his Ericson 39B) over to the anchorage for a raft-up.  We had a wonderful few hours talking to him and exploring each other's boats.  It was such a treat to finally meet him.

    Lew's boat "Serendipity" another gorgeous Ericson 39B

Bright and early Friday morning, we upped anchor and motored straight to San Diego.  We didn't even take the main cover off since it was so early and the wind was so light.

We got lucky at the police dock in that they didn't have a slip for us, so we anchored in La Playa Cove which was a special treat.  It's in walking distance of most of  the marine stores and a great off leash (unofficial) play area and walking path for Matey.  Not to mention is was flat calm - that's always nice.

   They were also having Championship remote control boat racing right next to the anchorage (that's Pacifica in the background)

  While puttering around in the dinghy, we came across this trawler with sails - is this a schizophrenic boat?

   Found a little place to tie up the girl's chariot..

  So she can have a little DOGGIE time...Romping and swimming (this wasn't our idea, she got wet all on her own)

  I gave Greg his first haircut of the trip...


Unfortunately a good chunk of our time here was spend drilling out the soggy parts of our balsa core near the bolts on the plate and rebedding the plate since it was never properly installed.  At least it gave us the incentive to check out the bolts that hold our steering cables - which weren't done correctly either.  (so we are taking care of these at the SDYC...see below)

   Greg with the newly pained deck plate

The anchorage is right next to the San Diego yacht club (which we were able to use as a dinghy dock) and I have a bit of apologizing to do.  I had looked up their information on the web and saw they didn't allow dogs on the guest dock and somehow got it into my head that they were a bit snooty.  But on coming here, this is a super nice club.  Not only does it have wonderful amenities (hot tub, tennis courts, pool, sailing library), but everyone we've met here is super friendly.  At the guard shack, they have cookies or tennis balls to give to dogs who visit.  This works out great because Matey has her picky treat issue, but give her a ball, and she's totally stoked!  Oh and about the security, they are constantly walking around.  we were kinda loud one night when Allan was over and heard a knock on our hull.  Of course we thought, "great, it's our first night here and we are already getting in trouble".  But the guard just wanted to tell us our dinghy motor was rubbing on the bow of our boat.  We were so impressed with the concern they showed for our boat and us.

  Greg and Allan singing into the night - it was a total night of Greggie Jams...


  Matey and Allan 

So, you've probably figured out we are staying at the San Diego Yacht Club.  They don't take reservations, but had lots of room for us when we stopped in to get a guest slip.  we've been living the good life for 3 days now - did I mention they also have free wi-fi to the boats?

In addition to attending the Downwind Marine party and last night going to a pressure cooking demonstration which we met a few other Haha boats - the highlight of coming to San Diego has been to spend time with Allan - Greg's long time friend from 7th grade who now lives here.  He's also been shuttling us around and will lend us his car later in the week.  Greg and Allan have been able to bounce back to their fun antics, and I have been fortunate enough to have a glimpse into their past.   Jackie and Len, you might want to ask just where that Genesis sign came from in Greg's old bedroom - I think you'd enjoy the story :-)