Pura Vida Intro


See her - she's my new home, Pura Vida, a Hylas 47, designed by Sparkman & Stephens (her name is Costa Rican and means 'the good life').  At first I was a little overwhelmed - I spent the first couple of days sleeping in new spots all the time till I found the 'ONE'.  I now have my own room again even though mom said I wouldn't because I don't share my room well.  She justified it to herself by saying, well - Pura Vida does have two guest rooms...  I don't care how she justified it, just that I got my own room.  It's the coolest room though - I have bunk beds that I think I'm going to have to share with my nieces because they seem to like my room best too.

I now have a big freezer so mom can hold more bones for me - I know that's why they picked this boat.  There's lots of room to walk around.  Mom and dad even have a real bed - not some weird triangular bed.  There's plenty of room for me to get up there and play as I try to get them up early.

At first I had trouble with the stairs (well, I guess I still have trouble, but not as much as I used to).  Mom and dad had just gotten used to the idea that they would have to help me up and down the ladder (it's 5 steps and steep like a real ladder).  I've shown them what an agile girl I am by mastering going down all the time, and just needing a little help on where to put my foot on the first step going up.  To clarify, I can lift my foot, I'm just not sure where to put it yet.  Mom's confident I'll get it eventually and be able to go up all by myself.  But they do say I'll need help while moving since it can be dangerous for me.

Mom and dad have put Pacifica up for sale.  You can see her webpage HERE.  We are all going to miss her and we hope she gets to go on to a good home who will use her and take her on more adventures.

Here are some more pictures of Pura Vida.  We are very happy to have her in our family and look forward to having more adventures aboard her....