Sailing Jan 2005  


We tried to go out this weekend to fly the spinnaker again - this time a different one, but the wind was really fluky and didn't cooperate.  We ended up using the "Iron Wind" (as dad calls it) to get us home.  But we had a nice sail out and a nice lunch.


Here mom has gone up forward and I'm running up to be with her.  


I always love my snuggle time.

Here my dad and I are having a moment....


Here I am monitoring John's technique of folding our sail.  I hope to one day be able to do all the jobs on our boat.


My favorite spot - here I am making sure everyone knows we are heading into port.  My job at this point it to notify anyone fishing on the shore that we are coming through.  But sometimes I get sidetracked by the birds...



Well, maybe next weekend we'll be able to sail with that spinnaker.