Stillwater Cove Part 1  


So, we are on to new adventures - this time we were going to be gone a whole week.  Wow, a week with my parents, I've never done that with them - I hope they can enjoy being with me all that time -- but who wouldn't, I'm just soooo CUTE!!!!!!!

     I'm all dressed in my sailing garb.  I think the plan is to sail to Half Moon Bay today (Saturday) then Kim (my human aunt) will join us to Santa Cruz, then we will head to a place called Stillwater Cove - I like the sound of that!

     Here's my dad and I sailing out on the Bay Saturday morning.  We left at around 7am, which isn't bad for me since I wake mom up every morning by 6:30 to go outside, she doesn't complain too much.

   I decided to have my breakfast underway in my aft cabin.  I'm so lucky to have 2 servants who are always at my beck and call .  Notice that brown stuffed animal just to my right - that's my bunny.  When mom bought it for me, she thought I would destroy it since I like to chase real bunnies so much, but has become my most favorite - I always took it with me into my bed when I wanted to be by myself in my den.

It really was a great sail.  We got to the Golden Gate at just about slack water and there were a number of other boats heading out too.  We saw a Hallberg-Rassy ( which is a really nice boat) - they ended up going to Santa Cruz on the same schedule as us.  We like seeing boats out on the ocean, especially when we're able to talk to them in port.

The whole trip to HMB was great, the best being just outside the Gate.  Closer to HMB we did have to motor, though.

     Here is a picture from along the coast - I know, kinda Grey, but sometimes it's like that.  HMB is just around that far point about in the middle of the picture.  This view is actually fairly close as far as distance goes out there.  But remember, our top speed is 7 knots (which is about 7-8 mph - my mom told me that, I'm not that weird of a doggie). 

      Here is a pic of my dad and I sailing down the coast.  I'm kinda zonked out - but I guess you can tell that, huh?

       I love this buoy - it always has these weird animals that bark.  I got a chance to get up and personal with one in Monterey, but I'll save that story for later in part 2 (how's that for a tease).  Anyway, I'm always at high alert when we come close to these guys - there's something fishy about them and I can't quite put my claw on it...

    Here we are entering HMB harbor - it's about 1pm in the afternoon, not a rough sail so we're feeling pretty good - but I always like checking out the sights from the bow (front of the boat) when we come into harbor, and this time was especially interesting...

    See all those pelicans -- there are hundreds of them.  I think that's the cause of that great smell as we come in.  Regardless, with my love of the bird, I can't help but be interested when these guys are around.

      After getting settled with the harbormaster, we took a walk around.  This is another one of my weaknesses.  I don't know what these things are called, but I LOVE them.  I can't pass it up!

        We stopped for a little bite to eat - don't worry, that's not my beer.  Mom says I can't have that stuff.  But I do enjoy the conversation with my dad - or at least the bird sitting behind his head.

After dinner, we turned in because my human aunt Kim was going to meet us early and we were going to head out around 8am for a long day to Santa Cruz.

We set off with little drama, except for a RAINSTORM ---- mom and dad assured me this doesn't usually happen this time of year.  But here it was, rain heading for HMB.  Luckily we started out early and we were escaping before getting caught in it.  we managed to outrun it and it ended up being the only source of wind we had the entire trip - except for about 2 hours before getting into SC.

      This was taken while we were outrunning the rain.  I cuddled close to Kim.  She's allergic to me, so it's a good thing we had our foul weather gear - I like her and wouldn't want to make her itch.  Besides, she lets my human cousins Nicci and Kaity give me LOTS of cookies when they see me.

     After the rain passed, the wind died so we had to motor most of the rest of the way.  This was supposed to be Kim's big ocean adventure, so we were a little bummed about that.  But we had a good time visiting and hanging out.  Here I am looking at the water rushing by --  I'm always wondering about that.

      This was a short distance before Santa Cruz and the wind had finally decided to show up for our adventure.  Kim is steering us in, who hoo!!!!!!  I think I was in my aft cabin around this time.

    Ears a flappin' Here we come!!!!  Under this pier, those sea lions are barking again - and it sounds like they are having a party there are so many of them.  We decided to take a little pass along the boardwalk area where the Ferris wheel and rides are (and no, I have no desire to go there).

     So mom was getting a little nuts with the camera and all of a sudden I was being taken away from my duties of watching those sea lions, so I'm here giving her the evil eye - cause if I stuck my tongue out like I usually do, I might lick Kim and make her itch.

      FINALLY!!!  After mom got the scoop from a local dog owner on where best for me to get my run -- we are at the beach -- and yes, it's a PARTY!!!!!

      I got to play one of my favorite games --- MONSTER DAD...

     I got to jump for JOY!!!!!

       And of course, play fetch with Kim - and anyone else available to throw the stick.

      I'm always interested in meeting different species and mom was telling me how great dolphins were, so I tried to strike up a friendship with this guy, but he wasn't very talkative.

     While we were tied up, it wasn't too long until I found the best spot on the boat for monitoring the Gate.  From this point, I can see straight down the walkway and know right away when my pack is coming home. 

Because our propane tank was giving us trouble - as in leaking (which is a very serious issue), we needed to head to Monterey because the nice people at the shop were going to overnight us a replacement part tomorrow.

Behind me in the above picture is the entrance to the marina -- and where we are going to depart tomorrow morning in part 2.