Drake's Bay - April 2008

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So this story is a little old, but about 3 weeks ago Greg, Matey and I decided enough was enough and Pura Vida needed to get outside the Gate.  Originally we planned on a Half Moon Bay trip, but since there was more hope of wind on Sunday we opted for a Drake's Bay trip so there was a chance of a downwind run.  That's the coolest thing about cruising - there are no rules and you can do whatever you wish including changing your mind to go where the wind blows - or doesn't blow as this weekend will work out.  Anyhoo - we wanted to anchor somewhere away (as away as you can get in a 2 day weekend), so we were going...

Tides were perfect to head out from Berkeley on Saturday morning, and we had a absolutely fantastic sail...to Alcatraz that is...).  At about Alcatraz, the wind shut down.  Turned on the engine and motored our way with the tide out the Gate and on up to Drake's.

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Fortunately the gods smiled on us a bit and as we entered Drake's a warm breeze picked up and we were fully powered up for the last hour and a half inside the Bay (ie. flat water).  It was awesome!

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IMG_8820.jpg (1306048 bytes)  There were tons of crab pots along the way....

There was one other sailboat.  We dropped anchor in about 12 feet of water and enjoyed the serenity.  

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Over the evening a couple of fishing boats joined us further out, but by the time we woke, the sailboat was gone as were the fishing boats.  Since the tides were right for hanging around, we lazed around till just after noon and motored back to San Francisco (yes, motored for there wasn't wind yet again).  But as we approached Potato Patch, the fog bank rolled in bringing with it the wind.  

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  Click the movie camera to hear what the fog horns sounded like


We had a great ride back under the Gate and on into Berkeley.