Half Moon Bay  


well, my parents have been really excited for a couple of days.  They keep asking me something about going in the ocean - I hope they don't expect me to swim there cause those waves looked a little powerful.  I'm more of a wader and splasher!

Our adventure started on Friday when dad came home early and they started getting the boat ready.  My human friends John and Jolanda came over soon after that with more bags and food.  After my lifejacket and new sailing shoes were put on ( so I can walk when the boat tilts), we were off.

We sailed to Horseshoe Cove at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge.  It was VERY windy, so I went below (anything over 15kts and above a beam reach, I'd rather be safe in my cave - or the aft cabin).  Mom kept coming down to tell me it was ok and I was a good girl, but I still wasn't a waggy butt.

Finally in a place called Raccoon Straight it started to flatten out so mom called me up so I could see the sights.  Ahhh, it was great! I even ran forward to hang out a bit by myself.  But it soon started to pick up again, so mom called me back, and I sat with the nearest human.

We eventually got to Horseshoe Cove, anchored and had dinner.  Out came my toilet (I hope they don't think I really believe that piece of Astroturf is really grass) but I wasn't that crazy about going with all the activity onboard.

The next day we got up early and headed out the Gate.  The motion of the boat changed a bit as we went up and down in long motions....hmmm, is this that ocean they were talking about?

I just sat on Jolanda and slept or watched the ocean go by - I'm really not that lazy, cause that's what the humans were doing too.

We arrived in Half Moon Bay just after lunch, mom and dad had been after me to do some serious business, but I held out and I was so happy to see the marina, whoo hoo, I knew I would be able to go to that beach right over there!

Then.... oh no, dad turned the boat away, back to where we just came from (I later learned we just needed more time to move docklines to the other side of the boat).  I was on a downhill slope and absolutely couldn't wait anymore and pooped on the deck (while hoping this didn't mean I was going back to the shelter).  Strange, mom and dad were happy for me and just laughed - they seem to do alot of that (being strange and laughing).

Later in the day, us girls (mom, Jolanda and I) went for a walk.  We ended up finding some great dogs playing on the beach.  BIG FUN! I got so sandy.  We walked back to the marina along the beach then all went out to dinner (except for John who wasn't feeling well).

We had dinner at Half Moon Bay Brewery - and I could go.  In fact I even saw my friend Herbie and his friend.  It's definitely a doggie happening place.

In the morning we sailed back to Berkeley.  My role was to keep the humans warm because it was a foggy day.  I did my best but there are four of them and only one of me.

After we got home we went to Pt Isabel and dad threw the ball so much for me that I was breathing hard all the way home.  What a great weekend!