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Join us as we liveaboard, coastal cruise and eventually long term cruise on our Hylas 47 Sailboat with our two dogs (Tack and Clewie).  You might be thinking we are crazy......  and maybe we are a little.  We've been sailing for over 15 years together and have done a previous year long cruise with our previous furry crew names Matey.  Travelling down the coast of Mexico then back to San Francisco via Hawaii.  You can read about our adventures on this website.  We want to go adventuring sooner..... and our dogs are like kids to us.... so they're coming with us.  

Most of our current adventures will be on our blog which is linked above...... Although, we'll update some tidbits in the webpage, the stories we are going to keep as they are as a little preservation for our previous adventures.  Our newest adventure will be on the blog - though i'll probably update common photos on the webpage.

  Questions to answer some common questions people have about cruising with dogs.  (if you have any that you don't see, just send me an email and ask I'll add it.  

You can send Tack and Clewie a pee mail at the lamp post outside of N dock in the Berkeley Marina (I have to credit that joke to the bestest vet/behaviorist/speaker Dr Ian Dunbar of Open Paw).  Dr Dunbar helped advise us on training Matey to use astroturf... and it has been so beneficial for her and now, for Tack and Clewie.

Big Wags,

Greg, Melissa, Tack and Clewie

   Mateyless Adventure - Sea Of Cortez 2004

   Health Update

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