Matey's Beach       



YIPEE!!!  I have my own beach!

We left China Camp on June 20th (Summer Solstice) planning to anchor somewhere on the way home to Berkeley to have our lunch.  We wanted to go sailing since it was a beautiful day (Sunday) and we had been anchored since Friday.

As we followed the Marin shoreline toward Angel Island, a beautiful little cove came into view.  Mom and dad said it wasn't good for an overnight, but short term it looked great.  And since we were dragging the dinghy, I could go to shore for a little romp and some exploring.

After anchoring, we all went ashore for some playtime.  I ran around and got to stick my nose under rocks at the water's edge - Fun green slimy stuff!!!

Here are some pictures:

This is my boat (Pacifica) on the right and our dinghy (like a car for a boat) on the left.


Here I am looking through the rocks having a good 'ol time.


I'm returning the stick to dad - I wish he would stop letting it slip out of his hands into the water, it's so tiring taking care of them sometimes.


Just looking for something yummy -- I love mussels!!!!!