Passage Stats   

Mexico to Hawaii:

Vessel Name : Pacifica (Ericson 39B)

Departure Point & Date La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, MX  4-9-07 (depart 9am local)

Landfall Point & Date Kaneohe Bay, HI  4-29-07 (arrive 6:30pm local)

Days in Passage & Total Miles: 21 days/3027 miles

Engine Hours Used : 40 hours (about 1/2 for charging only)

Average Speed for Passage: 6.15 kts

Best & Worst 24 Hour Run in Miles: Best 166, Worst 115

Highest Wind & Waves Encountered: Wind 30 kts, Waves 12 feet

Number of Fish Caught: 3, 2 blue fin tuna and 1 dorado (in addition, on our 2nd day out we hooked a Marlin which gave a thrilling show until he threw the hook (thank, God!))

Boat Breakdowns: 1 jib block fell apart and some windvane steering lines chaffed through

Most Valued Crew Member: SAL - our Sailomat windvane

Day Crossed Halfway Point: Day 11

Most Valued Entertainment Equipment: HAM/SSB, Ipod, Books