Sheep Dung Estates        


Sheep Dung was AWESOME!!!!!  It was really to celebrate my parents' birthdays, but since I have them wrapped around my little dewclaw, they think of making me happy first - and I'm not going to complain :-)

We got there on Friday afternoon and I knew immediately when they opened the car door that I would love this place.  My parents didn't even touch the leash, just a wide open, "GO PLAY!"  Well, play I did!  But I discovered the burrs about 5 minutes after running out of the car.  They were everywhere on my soft silky fur.  But I ran and ran and had a great time.  My parents laughed at me and said I was part gazelle (whatever that means).

Soon we headed down to the lake.  Mom and Dad really like to swim, so they encourage me to practice with them whenever we get the chance. ( Living on a boat, I have to be comfortable in the water - I've already fallen off the dock 3 times).  My preference is only splashing around, but I appeased them by swimming around the lake.  I even took some time to float with mom on the inner tube.

That evening after dinner mom and dad took turns picking burrs off of me. Here's a picture and you can see from my face that I'm not having the best of times.

Saturday morning we hiked up to the Big Rock trail.  I, of course had my shoes on and ran around like crazy.  It was so much fun.  Here are some pictures:



When we got down I had to swim at drink to cool off.  I found it easiest to do both at the same time.



Here are some more pictures from my fabulous weekend:

          Here I am just in awe that I can't Believe I'm here, if only there was a marina here ( and jobs for mom and dad).


          I'm busy chasing lizards, I would run here periodically while mom and dad were trying to read -- they thought I was pretty weird - but they still laughed at me (I like it when they do that).


     Just Running, Running, Running....


       Here is the cottage we stayed in.


  Dad is putting on my boots -- I love my boots and highly recommend them!!!!!


Sunday it was time to go home.  It was hard to say goodbye to Sheep Dung, but I knew my friends were back at home and the ocean was calling me.  But I do hope we get a chance to go back soon.  Dad wrote this to summarize our trip.


Run like a spaz




Swim like i've never swam before. All the way across

Lay in the sun

Roll in the dirt and sticker things

Lunch....mmm food.....yummy


RABBIT!!!  Chase,chase,chase

Meet new dogs

BarBQ dinner....mmm food

Dark,dark night sky

Howling coyote pack....scary

Climb into bed with mom and dad

Lizards! Out of my way! Must get lizard.

Innertube ride in lake with mom

Comb,comb,comb,brush,brush, pull,pull

No more burrs . - time to go home.